Hair Salon



Ladies Blow Wave
Short Price: R150
Medium Price: R170
Long Price: R180
Extra Price: R200
Add on iron/straight Price: R50
Add on iron/straight Price: R80


Ladies Cut
Short Price: R180
Medium Price: R200
Long Price: R220
Extra Long Price: R240
Add on toner Price: R220
Ladies Cut and Blow Wave
Short Price: R280
Medium Price: R300
Long Price: R350
Extra Long Price: R380

Highlights and Foils

Ladies Half Head foils/highlight + Blow Wave
Short Price: R650
Medium Price: R750
Long Price: R990
Extra Long Price: R1090
Add on toner Price: R220
Ladies Full head Highlights + Blow
Short Price: R950
Medium Price: R1200
Long Price: R1400
Extra Long Price: R1600
Add on toner Price: R220


Funky Foils
Short Price: R60
Medium Price: R70
Long Price: R80
Extra Price: R90
Full Funky Colour
Short Price: R800
Medium Price: R950
Long Price: R1100
Extra Price: R1500


Ladies Tint + Blow Wave
Short Price: R1300
Medium Price: R1500
Long Price: R650
Extra Price: R1500
Add on toner Price: R200
Ladies Full Tint
Short Price: R700
Medium Price: R850
Long Price: R1000
Extra Price: R1200
Add on toner Price: R220
Full Head Bleach and Toner
Short Price: R690
Medium Price: R720
Long Price: R750
Extra Price: R790
Add on 2nd bleach Price: R400


Redken Moisture and protein treatment
Short Price: R500
Medium Price: R550
Long Price: R650
Extra Price: R700
Redken Power Shot Treatments
All Soft Price: R500
Volume Price: R500
Colour Extend Price: R500
Extreme Price: R1200
Brazillian CACAU ANTI-FRIZZ Blow Wave Treatment
Short Price: R950
Medium Price: R1200
Long Price: R1700
Extra Long Price: R2000


Gents cut Price: R200
Gents Highlights Price: R600
Gents tint & cut Price: R500
Gents tint Price: 400


Kids Cuts
1-12yrs Price: R190
12-16yrs Price: R200
Kids Cut + Blow Wave
1-12yrs Price: R220
12-16yrs Price: R250

*PS: Spa Facilities are free on any treatment booked.