Our Brand Ambassador


Zwelethu “Zweli” Nkutsho

I believe that taking care of my physique today will slow down the aging clock of tomorrow. REVIVE WELLNESS SPA is where I maintain my healthy lifestyle every day, along with exercise, spa cuisine, and relaxation, all while keeping up with my demanding professional career. The lemongrass scent that often wafts through the spa lounge and treatment rooms offers therapeutic qualities, which is a part of the entire wellness experience. A Full Body Massage, which is my personal favourite, is far more than an indulgence. It has numerous health benefits: calming the central nervous system; improving blood circulation and helping the body get rid of waste products.

I believe that regular massages can keep you feeling your best and improve the overall quality of your life. Health, wellness, and overall rejuvenation are all achieved at Revive; It all speaks to my lifestyle.


Zwelethu Nkutsho was born and raised in Alexandra, Gauteng. But to us at REVIVE WELLNESS SPA he is just “Zweli”. He is an extremely talented model, actor, scriptwriter, and even producer, but most importantly to us, ambassador. This absolute hunk has won the hearts of REVIVE WELLNESS SPAS guests, and most importantly our team as a whole; inspiring and motivating each and every staff member to strive for better and more (in terms of life goals and achievements).

Zweli was elected as our brand ambassador, for many reasons. One of these stood out more than the others, and that is his absolute love and commitment to REVIVE WELLNESS SPA. His passion and a willing heart for REVIVE WELLNESS SPA to grow beyond all expectation is an inspiration for us all.

Secondly, Zweli was elected due to his outlook on health and wellness as a lifestyle, which is in line with all that REVIVE WELLNESS SPA Represents.

Ï am yet to come across someone who challenges me to do more, and pushes further in my business; Zweli brings out the side of me that encourages me to think on an entirely new and different level. It is often when we are so busy running with the day to day commitments that a business (especially one of this magnitude) requires, that we lose focus on the more important aspects as an owner – Zweli often reminds me of this.”

Leah Livanos

*PS: Spa Facilities are free on any treatment booked.