Fitness Centre


Fitness Centre Classes 1000.00 per month
Package Price R2700 for 10 session – includes 1 FREE SESSION


1 Session = 8.5 hours in the gym.

BODYTECH EMS uses low frequency current to target every major muscle group – individual sections can be trained and stimulated more or less powerfully depending on daily form and intensity without stressing the heart or joints.

BODYTECH Fitness training concept stimulates all deep muscle groups simultaneously. This allows specific groups of muscles to be targeted and the whole body to be trained gently and effectively. By applying BODYTECH electrodes directly above the muscles and incorporating low-impact exercises guided by a personal trainer while using the BODYTECH device, the results are quick, effective and visible.

*BODYTECH training is not painful or harmful to your body.


Number of sessions Price Make a booking Buy Voucher
10 (get 1 session free) R3 000
20 (get 2 session free) R6 000
30 (get 3 session free) R9 000
40 (get 4 session free) R12 000
50 (get 5 session free) R15 000


EMS – (E-Electro M-Muscle S-Stimulation)

With Miha Bodytec all major muscle groups are stimulated by allowing electrical impulses to pass through the body. It is a highly effective way of training. After only a few training sessions remarkable progress is noticeable in muscle growth, weight loss, centimetre reduction, and in skin and tissue tightening.

How Long Is A Session & How Often?
One 20 minute session per week is recommended & it is equivalent to several (8hours) conventional gym training since you are stimulating all major muscle groups simultaneously.

Benefits of One 20 Minute Miha-Bodytec EMS Session/Week

    • Strength Training with minimal strain on joints
    • Increase In: Body Tone, Metabolism, Fitness Levels, Energy Levels & Blood Circulation
    • Reduction in: Body Fat, Centimetres, Weight, Incontinence, Back Pain


We also offer

  • Pilates
  • Yoga


*PS: Spa Facilities are free on any treatment booked.