About Revive Wellness Spa


Leah Livanos-Henderson

Born 11 March, 1987 (30 years old)

In June 2011 (7 Years ago), I was in search of a place where I could set my roots, and start a journey that I knew I would gradually develop and grow. I came across a very old salon in the Balfour Park shopping centre called “JS SKIN & BEAUTY CLINIC”. “JS” was derived from the original owner’s name – Jane. JS had an existing clientele, and a 35-year heritage; which I absolutely fell in love with. JS was a very simple and small shop. Very old and outdated in design and concept, but nonetheless I saw massive potential and the future of the brand which would one day be JS REVIVE WELLNESS SPA – wholeheartedly, I knew that JS could become something much greater, and believed that there would one day be a very bright future for this tiny store.

I stepped into a business with an incredible team, and extreme loyalty and long standing clientele, who have stood by my side. As time went on, we all became family. Anyone who knows me, will stand firm in the mutual belief, that we are family. From the clients, to the staff we knew that we were at the forefront of an incredible future that would soon evolve into one of the biggest Spas in Africa – JS REVIVE WELLNESS SPA.


Evolution of JS into REVIVE

It really began with an almost an “Alice in Wonderland” leap of faith. I simply knocked on the door of a very small business owner (opposite Balfour Park) and politely asked. “Sir, I would like to purchase your house, to create a spa”. I was unfathomably blessed to have begun my journey. My biggest prayer, to begin a legacy for my family was soon to be answered.

I am abundantly blessed to have a father with many years of building experience, but no knowledge of the beauty or spa industry. We made a phenomenal team, and each had foresight in different aspects to make this dream a reality; together we were about to embark on a project that would affect the lives of many people.

I began sketching on an A4 piece of paper, the layout that I had envisioned, which my father turned into a reality – brick for brick. We demolished the old house, and began building. From one story, our concept has developed into two stories, and so the dream continued to become more of a reality every single day. As each brick was laid, our vision materialised into reality. Needless to say, we ended up on four floors of absolute five-star luxury – my vision was born.

How did such a young girl embark on such a journey?

The day that I was born, my mother expressed these exact words to my father, “This little girl is going to be the child that surprised you most, she will stand by you, and bring you immense joy. This is the one that will exceed all expectations.” I have always been inconceivably ambitious, and still today, at 30 years old, I have ideas that are too big for my own good. I welcome challenge, and most importantly hard work. My dedication and passion for my business are enough to overcome anything, regardless of any challenge I may face – and you can imagine with a business of such magnitude, it is par for the course. All that matters to me, is that each day, I move forward, and make somewhat of an impact – this truly drives me.

I have a profound bond with my parents (Costa & Billie-ann), who have believed in me from inception, and trust in my ability. My father is my absolute life and inspiration; you will never know how much he makes me know that “I am Leah”. When people say, “The apple didn’t fall far from the tree” it lights up my entire world, and keeps me going when things get a little bigger than big.

JS REVIVE WELLNESS SPA has only just begun, and I believe, just as I did 7 years ago, that we are on the brink of a revolution, pushing the boundaries of the spa industry further than ever before. In the near future, I aim to open Spas of such excellence all over the country, and soon after that, JS REVIVE WELLNESS SPA will be sought after internationally as well. I am going to do this!

*PS: Spa Facilities are free on any treatment booked.